These 3 Shoes Need a Higher Place on Your Shoe-Rack!

Top 3 Must-Have Shoes Every Man Should Own!

These 3 Shoes Need a Higher Place on Your Shoe-Rack!

It is a proven research that first thing that people notice in one another is the type of footwear he or she is wearing. We all believe that it is quite true, right? People sometimes neglect to actually sit and think what they should wear according to a particular dress. Shoes or any footwear you select to wear portrays our inner selves. By choosing the right pair of shoes you can easily rock the party. Out of many shoes, we have selected the following 3 pairs of shoes as a must-have on your shoe-rack so that you may look more outstanding. You will definitely look great and more stylish when you pay attention to your shoes as you do with your dress.

Read the article below and get yourself a pair of these shoes.

1.    Chelsea Boots

When you are about to leave for a casual gathering or a day out, Chelsea boots are the right one for you as long as you are opting to wear denim jeans, classy t-shirt, and a leather jacket. This doesn’t stop here as Chelsea boots can be worn in formal gatherings too. In short, when you are having a “me time” with yourself or if you are all dressed up for formal or official meetups, you can wear these shoes. Just make sure you wear the shoes with the same color of your socks, this way it won’t look weird if your socks peek out of your jeans. Also, Chelsea boots make you look naughty, nutty, and crack. *wink-wink*

2.    Monk Strap Shoes

Monk strap shoes are of two types; shoes with one buckle and shoes with two buckles. The one buckle shoes can bring the elegance and style in you, while the two buckles shoes can be basic in your dressing. For every day going out, oxford shoes, a type of monk strap shoes, can be worn in a brown or burgundy color. Black color monk strap shoes are not for a casual wear but look extremely wild with your gray suit. These shoes can pair up with patterned, dotted, or striped socks.

3.    Sneakers

Sneakers also come in two types. One is very light-weight so provide full comfort and support to your feet, usually, use for workouts, running, and gym purpose. Other type is slightly different from the gym sneakers but can be worn on a regular day out. Such sneakers are a perfect match for your polo shirt and jeans, chinos, and long sleeves button up shirt. Be conscious while choosing the color but white is universal that can go with almost every type of outfit.