A grown up’s guide to wearing Dungarees like a perfect gentleman

A grown up’s guide to wearing Dungarees like a perfect gentleman

Dungarees or Overalls, as most people call them, were the center of fashion during the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

But as we entered into the era of the 2000s, their popularity started fading and for years they were rarely to be seen.

The only occasions we could see them were movies in which drivers or working class people could be seen wearing them. This created a negative perception about them.

But a few months back, Chris Pine and several other celebrities were spotted wearing Dungarees. This started a new revolution and people started realizing that they can be a powerful fashion accessory if worn properly.

Now, the question is:

How to wear a Stylish Dungarees properly?

Well, that’s why we’re here. Let’s go through this:

Gentleman’s guide to wearing Dungarees like a rockstar

1. Watch for the fitting

The only thing that will decide if you’re going to look smart or fat in a Dungaree entirely depends on its fitting.

Dungarees which are lose often look terrible and make an impression that you’re unfit. So, visit a tailor and work for the fitting of your outfit. In the end, it’s you who need to figure out what looks good for you.

2. What you wear under them makes a difference

One special thing about Dungarees is that they cover most of your body. So, you don’t have really much room to show your fashion skills. The only parts that will be visible are your shoulders, arms, and the sides.

Now, most of you would want to go shirtless with them, but I recommend you don’t – especially if you don’t want to look like a rancher. Also, stay away from flannel shirts as they will directly land you in the western fashion era.

What I recommend is that you should go with something simple like a solid T-shirt or the one with subtle graphics. You can even go with a hoodie for a more relaxed look.

For the sportier look, go with a rugby shirt. Again, stay away from collared shirts, tie, or a formal wear. They are a blunder.

3. Stay Strapped

I saw a Justin Bieber wearing Dungarees a while back with one strap down.

Inspired by the fashions of the 1990s, the style gives you a relaxed vibe.

However, this is not 1990s but 2018 and in this era, fashion is all about keeping things polished. It’s all about balanced.

Also, Overalls are naturally slouchy. So, going for a more unhinged look isn’t going to do anything well. Come on, you wouldn’t want to look like a little kindergarten student just to look different. Think about it.

4. Take the game a step further with prints

Most people might be afraid to try them, but patterned overalls can make a great style statement. They can make you stand out.

Just make sure you wear them right. It will be better if you keep the patterns to a minimum. There are many patterned Dungarees available in the market. You can buy the ones anytime.

Another tip: Avoid wearing patterned t-shirts with a patterned overall. This might sabotage your looks.

5. While choosing Dungarees, go with the classics

There are brands that are making Dungarees for decades. They specialize in their work and know the roots of the garment very well. Hence, the Dungarees they create are durable, solid, and truly represent the old-class style.

Hence, while choosing a Dungaree, go for the old brands.

So, these were the Dungaree wearing tips I could gather from the experts around the globe. Do you have anything else to share? Let me know in comments.