A gentleman’s guide to wearing round sunglasses

How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

Seeing celebrities like Robert Downy Jr, Johnny Depp, and Mathew mcconaughey wearing round sunglasses, many people wish they had them in their wardrobe.

Some even invest a few hundred bucks to buy an expensive pair of round glasses but later repent when they don’t look as good as they had expected.

Well, if you’re also one of such folks and are having a tough time looking good in your round goggles or you have plans to buy new aviators this week, we might help.

Just follow these simple instructions to follow while choosing or wearing round sunglasses

We have picked them from the notebook of the most popular style experts around the world.

So, don’t miss them.

1. Pick round sunglasses according to your face shape

Just like every other type of sunglasses, your face cut matters a lot while choosing round sunglasses. You wouldn’t want to choose a wrong pair and then expect to look good in them.

So, choose carefully.

When it comes to round sunglasses, they pair well with square, oval, or triangular faces of small or medium size. The reason is they provide a smooth edge to your facial structure.

You would want to pick up a different pair for round face or diamond face. They don’t work that great for these face shapes as they smoothen the facial edges too much.

2. Choose a style that looks perfect on you

Choosing the right sunglasses style is as important as choosing the right pair of sunglasses. Pick a wrong one and you’ll be regretting why you invested your money on them. So, pay attention.

Round sunglasses come in following styles:

Aviator Style Sunglasses

Aviators are loved by many because they always make you look stylish. Especially, if have oval or square shaped face.

Clubmaster style sunglasses

You’ll easily recognize them if you’re die-hard fan of Bruce Wills (Die hard film series) because it’s the star who made the sunglasses popular.

These goggles have a browline frame that mimic the natural browline of the person wearing it. This offers you a cool style edge.

You must go for these sunglasses if you want to stand out and command instant recognition. They suit well for oval, round, heart, and square face shapes.

Vintage round sunglasses

These sunglasses are for people who have a soft spot for the golden era of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. You would also want to keep your outfit vintage with these for a more aesthetic feel. But if you want, you can also wear them with a loose t-shirt and jeans for a more indie feel.

As far as the face shapes are concerned, they will pair well with a square or angular face shapes.

Retro Round Sunglasses

These sunglasses were the center of fashion in 1970s and 80s and were made popular by John Lennon.

The only advice we’ll give you while wearing these sunglasses is to wear all retro outfit. Double denims with a comfy Oxford shirt are also a great option.

Black and White Round Sunglasses

The last option you have in the list of sunglasses are white or black round sunglasses.

They can be noticed from the fact that their lens is either black or white.

When it comes to pairing them, it’s important to create a contrast in your clothing. While choosing white round sunglasses, you’ll also need to consider your skin tone, hair color and face shape.

3. Expensive doesn’t mean good         

Nowhere is written that round sunglasses should come with a price tag. If you want, you can go with cheap ones and still look stylish.

Looking for best round sunglasses to buy, this list might help.