5 Basic Rules for Wearing Graphics T-shirts

How to rock a graphic t-shirt, 4 rules every man must know

Whenever we talk about graphic t-shirts, we assume cool teens whose favorite pastime is getting drunk till they pass out.

A gentleman is expected to dress neutral. Isn’t it?

But I say it’s an utter bullshit.

Sometimes, it’s better to break the norms and dress differently. Nowhere is written that only teens can wear graphic t-shirts. If you feel like wearing them and you’re confident that they’ll look good on you, go ahead.

Just keep in mind the following:

Simple rule for wearing a graphic T-shirt

1. Choose a t-shirt will minimal graphics to feel more grown up and sophisticated

Do you know what helps people differentiating between a teen playing video games all the time and an adult having a responsible job?

It’s the way they dress.

Go with a t-shirt having lots of graphics and they will assume that you’re just an amateur adult who doesn’t even know how to dress.

So, leave the graphics to teens and dress minimal like an adult.

2. When going for words on graphic t-shirts, choose the ones with a single phrase

The reason for this is that single phrase graphic t-shirts follow the minima rule and look more sophisticated than a graphic tee with a line written on it.

The choice of words don’t matter as long as it’s not offending anyone (a racist slur, a sexually suggestive remark, or an abuse).

But pay attention to fonts. They matter.

3. Layer them up

Graphic t-shirts are often associated with casual styling and look good with casual shoes and denims. But you can’t go all casual if you’re wearing them to a workplace or on a date.

So, what to do?

You can layer up with an extra clothing like a blazer. This will give a cleaner cut, grown-up, and modern feel to your appearance.

But make sure the color and the style of your blazer is minimal. Otherwise, your efforts will be in vain.

Still, can’t decide what to wear?

Pair your graphic t-shirt with black jeans, white shoes, and a navy blue blazer. You’ll rock it.

4. You don’t always look ameture in graphic tees

As printed t-shirts are quite popular among teens, there is a common notion that they make you look ameture. Due to this, most people stop wearing them.

Now, you need to know one thing. It’s not necessary that graphic t-shirts will make you look like a man kid. Other things equally matter like the clothes you’re pairing with it, your behaviour, or how you conduct yourself among people.

So, don’t fear much about the norms and try them without any fear.

Still, if you’re concerned, I would recommend you to go with a print tshirt having minimal graphics.

5. Embrace your style

I always say this and I am saying again. No matter what dress you’re wearing, confidence will make you 10 times more attractive.

You’ll have to love what you’re wearing. This will bring confidence inside you and you’ll be more charming.

Try this and you’ll yourself see the difference.


It’s possible to look great in graphic t-shirts. Just make sure you don’t buy the ones that have too much printing or the ones with ugly fonts. Also, make sure you pair them with right jeans and shoes.

Rest of the style game is all about confidence. If you have that, nobody can stop you from rocking.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you’ll see the results for sure. Also, don’t forget to share your experience in comments.