How to choose a woolen caps this winter

There’s an amazing thing my grandma has been telling me since childhood:

No matter what you wear, always keep your head warm in winters.

Keep your head unprotected can cause you to easily catch cold and fall sick. So, a cap or a head is something you can’t afford to miss from your winter wardrobe collection.

Yet most people are confused that which type of cap they should buy?

And the answer is woolen cap.

Here why you should wear woolen caps in winters:

Reason 1: Wool is warm

Wool is an insulator. That is it doesn’t let the heat pass through it. The warm air inside the cap will remain inside and keep your head warm, no matter how bad the weather is.

Perhaps, that’s the reason construction workers, laborers, and soldiers used to wear these caps to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions.

Reason 2: Woolen caps are affordable

Compare to other winter clothing, caps are not that costly. Still, there are times when we’re so out of budget that every single buck matters. Woolen caps are a perfect option in that case. You can find a good piece in just a couple of dollars and properly save yourself from tough winters. No wonder why you should choose them.

Reason 3. Woolen caps last long

This is yet another wonderful thing about wool caps is that they’re highly durable. They can easily stand tough winters, even the tough snows or freezing rains. This makes them an ideal investment when it comes to purchasing a winter hat.

Things to keep in mind while choosing a wool hat

1. Make sure the hat covers your head properly

Wearing a hat that doesn’t cover your head properly and protect from winters is as useless as not wearing a hat at all. You’ll still fall sick and perhaps people will make also make your fun.

So, before purchasing a hat, make sure it properly fits on your head and it’s enough to keep you warm.

2. Choose a hat of good wool quality

The quality of the wool equally matters in the selection of a woolen cap as poor quality wool will not be able to keep you warm.

You can easily identify an original wool as it’s softer than the fake one. So, always go for a good quality wool. It will protect you.

3. Your wool cap should match with your dress

Let me share a story.

One fine winter, Jack went on a date. We don’t know what went into his mind that he paired red woolen hat with blue denim and shirt.

And after coming back, he told that everyone was laughing on him.

Why wouldn’t have they?

You dress up so fab and then sabotage the entire look with something completely different. Where’s the wisdom in that?

So, learn your lesson and choose only those hats that go well with your dress. This will prevent you from facing awkward situations in life.

4. Focus on protection first, looks later

While in winter looking stylish should be important. Still, keeping yourself warm and protected should be your priority.

Winters are harsh and you have high chances for falling ill. We have seen many people who caught cold and couldn’t walk from bed for days.

Want to avoid this fate? Protect yourself first. It matters. You have to be smart for yourself.

Keep these important tips in mind and you’ll definitely rock in your woolen caps. Try it out and you will see the difference.

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