Cocktail attire for men guide part 2

Cocktail attire for men guide

Cocktail attire for men guide part 2

An idea for an outfit for a cocktail party, number 1:

Stroller jacket is the typical single-breasted, peaked lapel style with two buttons and jetted pockets. Instead of a pocket square, you can opt for a red carnation that goes well with his buff waistcoat, white shirt, and light blue tie. Trousers can be stripped but instead of the more common cashmere stripe, a special stripe for morning wear that does not really have anything to do with cashmere, you can choose a wide stripe in black and white. This cocktail outfit used to be particularly popular for wear on Sunday afternoons and was often seen at the smartest cocktail bars. Today, the stroller is definitely the most formal of all the cocktail suits yet different than another flannel blazer combination or a navy suit.

An idea for an outfit for a cocktail party, number 2:

A suit with a large rust brown subdued windowpane overplaid on a grey sharkskin suit. Worn as a 3-piece suit with an ivory colored shirt and navy-red club tie, the proportions of this suit are very moderate. It has a normal lapel width and gorge, round quarters and a fairly long jacket. In my opinion, windowpane suits are one of the most underrated outfits in menswear and hence, they are an ideal chance for you to differentiate yourself without being overly loud. As a general rule, you should keep in mind that the more patterns and colors, other than navy and grey, you have in your outfit, the less formal it will be.

An idea for an outfit for a cocktail party, number 3:

Suit with the wide-spaced colored stripe. The red stripes can inspire the rest of your dress, so you can choose a red boutonniere and Bordeaux tie. This three-piece flannel suit with stripes benefits from the peaked lapels, which provide a little more formality. The trousers of this suit can be without cuffs, which would raise the formality bar by another notch.