Guide on how gloves should fit part 2

Reasons why EVERY man needs leather touchscreen gloves for winter

Guide on how gloves should fit part 2

How to wear gloves, number 2:

The standard rule is to leave gloves on for greeting guests, but, unlike women, the gentleman should remove the glove as a sign of respect to shake hands. It is also worn while performing activities including dancing or posing for photographs. Contrary to that, remove the gloves while dining to avoid staining them, first at the commencement of the meal, followed by putting them back on at the end. In addition, keep all jewelry off your gloves with the exception of a bracelet or watch touching the cuff, but not over. For any other additions, a crest, monogram or icon is only acceptable when it has some meaning. As an example, often Freemasons will wear formal white gloves with a blue Masonic icon embroidered on the backside of the palm. When removing gloves, one should practice enough that they can be swiftly removed ideally in private. Like a bow tie, however, it is always suggested that they remain on through the entire duration of the event as a sign of respect to your host or guests.

How to take care of your gloves, number 1:

When you put on a glove, you should ideally not pull on the cuff, but gently push down in between the fingers. When taking off gloves, gently pull the glove on each finger, until the entire glove comes off. Ideally, a glove should be pulled in shape and stored flat because it is a soft material, and if you roll up your gloves or stuff them in your pockets, and you maybe forget them in there, they will be out of shape and wrinkled when you remove them. Before putting them into your coat pocket, gently pull them in shape and put both gloves together in your pocket, so they stand out.