Lined gloves guide part 3

Reasons why EVERY man needs leather touchscreen gloves for winter

Lined gloves guide part 3

Gloves have been around for centuries and are typically worn as an accessory on the hand. They are primarily used to protect the hand and its digits. Whether it be from cold weather exposure, damage from abrasion, friction, disease, and chemicals or a baseball traveling close to 100mph, gloves are used in a variety of ways, including simply being fashionable accessories, which they have been for some centuries.

Machine sewn gloves:

Machine sewn gloves are less expensive to produce, but it still requires a skilled sewer to complete the job. Machine sewn gloves are sewn inside out, and then turned out once completed. That way, they are less chunky than handsewn gloves and better suited to more formal gloves. Also, the seams are generally more durable. For evening wear, you can wear machine sewn gloves, and for daywear, you can wear both, depending on your mood.

Points on gloves:

The points are the little decorative stripes on the back of a glove. Although just simple stripes, there are many ways to make those, either with just machine stitching, hand stitching or both.

Quirks on gloves:

Quirks are the little diamond shaped pieces of leather at the base of the fingers. The purpose of those is to enable a wider range of movement for your fingers with less resistance. 100 years ago, they were the standard for fine men’s gloves, but since it requires a few extra steps of work, most glove manufacturers have skipped that step.

Closure on gloves:

Most gloves today feature a little slit on the inside of the wrist, which is supposed to facilitate putting it on. While this is the most inexpensive way to do it, you can find many other closures out there. Sometimes, you will see snap buttons, adjustable straps or other innovative solutions. However, the classic glove closure for the gentleman is the button closure. Since it requires more time and skill to complete, it is very rarely found nowadays.