Gloves guide part 4

Reasons why EVERY man needs leather touchscreen gloves for winter

Gloves guide part 4

Evening gloves, number 2:

Today, white glove leathers can be made, and hence, a pure white that matches the white shirt is always preferable. They are worn at formal events with everything from a dinner jacket to tails. Some men involved in organized meetings will wear marked gloves indicative of their status within the fraternity while conducting official business. Other men will opt to wear them to the theater, dinner parties or celebratory events. In some cases, but not all, it is expected that formal gloves will be worn to funerals, particularly for those who are actively participating in the burial. When you wear white gloves with your evening ensemble, make sure to remove them when you eat because keeping them on would be a faux pas.

Daywear gloves:

Often made of high-quality suedes or leathers, these are thin, snug fit gloves worn by men to accompany business attire worn during the day. While these are not often seen during the summer months, they are particularly popular in the autumn when it is not cold enough for winter gloves, but there is a slight chill in the air. Other men will also choose to wear them when they have concerns about germs such as those who travel via public transportation and hold onto subway rails or touch knobs and handles frequented by others.

Protective gloves:

These are similar but different from athletic gloves. Protective gloves are specially designed for those working in inhospitable environments. From firefighter gauntlets to police and military gloves, other styles of gloves include those worn by welders and construction workers as well as medical staff in hospitals and astronauts. Generally speaking, if you work or operate in any form of dangerous environment, there is probably a glove that can help keep you and your hands protected.