Gloves guide part 3

Reasons why EVERY man needs leather touchscreen gloves for winter

Gloves guide part 3

The history of gloves, number 7:

Gloves, whether noticed or not, have become an accessory and tool that most men at once point or another wear. In cold climates, we wear them outside to resist the cold weather, on the golf course to reduce friction and maintain grip and in the boxing ring to physically dominate our opponent before raising gloves high into the air as a symbol of victory and defeat.

Types of gloves:

Here are just some of the types of gloves we wear today:

Winter gloves:

Specifically designed to withstand the cold and sometimes wetness, these gloves range from sports styles for athletes and youth to beautiful cashmere lined leather gloves that pair well with a business suit. One standard that has come to be known as a “touch screen glove,” where the finger is made using a conductive material, which allows the wearer to use smartphone or tablet touchscreens without first having to remove the gloves. Gloves for winter activities range in quality and resistance, with some providing just enough warmth on a chilly but not cold day to others being rated for outdoor use in the Arctic.

Athletic gloves:

The range from boxing gloves and golf gloves to baseball mitts and everything in between. The purpose of these gloves is to provide protection from various issues including, but not limited to, friction, abrasion, laceration, and thrust. They can also be designed to provide grip as is the case with rock climbing gloves and golf gloves. Odds are if you play a sport, you own one or two pairs of athletic gloves.

Evening gloves, number 1:

Often made of velour, satin, silk, cotton, linen and various other materials, true evening gloves are made of kidskin or Nappa leather. Ideally, they are unlined to get the tightest, most elegant fit. In the past, it was difficult to dye leather pure white, and so cream was also acceptable.