Gloves guide part 2

Reasons why EVERY man needs leather touchscreen gloves for winter

Gloves guide part 2

The history of gloves, number 3:

In the Middle Ages, the term “throwing down the gauntlet” first appeared meaning that a Knight was prepared to fight and defend his or his lady’s honor. Interestingly, this saying is still used today.

The history of gloves, number 4:

In the sixteenth century, the gloves reached the pinnacle of popularity when Queen Elizabeth I began wearing ornate and embroidered gloves in front of guests and then proceeding to remove them to showcase her feminine hands. One other reason and method for wearing such gloves was that they could easily be aromatized using perfume, which assisted in enhancing the smell of those who did not bathe on a regular basis. This was the norm in the sixteenth century as daily showering or bathing only became popular in recent times.

The history of gloves, number 5:

In the early seventeenth century, a glove by the name of the Limerick took its place as the must-have fashion accessory of the year. Made from the skin of unborn calves, the comfortable – and rather delightful to wear, Limericks were a new product made in Limerick, Ireland. In the 1700’s, as short sleeves came about, women began to adopt long gloves again, although this time it was deemed acceptable. By the latter part of the 1800’s, men and women were now proudly wearing buttoned silk and velvet gloves with evening attire and suede gloves during the day. This continued to progress, and even today, men and women around the world will often wear elegant white or cream colored formal gloves to black tie and white tie affairs.

The history of gloves, number 6:

It was not long after that when men began adopting gloves for new purposes. With steering wheels being made of wood, they created driving gloves to protect their hands from splinters. With sports, came the advent of protective wear, and when latex was developed in Australia, workers in various professions such as construction began wearing gloves to protect their hands while at work.