How to match clothes colors with your skin tone part 4

How to match clothes colors with your skin tone part 1

How to match clothes colors with your skin tone part 4

How to find the best colors that work for you? Number 4:

If you are neither a warm nor a cool skin tone, you get the best of both worlds meaning you can wear basically all the colors and it will still work for you. It does not mean you can wear anything because you also have to consider the contrast levels.

Universally flattering colors:

No matter what skin type you are, there are three colors that are considered to be universally flattering. They include eggplant which is kind of really dark purple, a true red which is not burgundy but lighter and brighter, as well as green. Now, in classic menswear showing up in a teal suit with red shoes and an eggplant tie will really not be your best choice and instead, it pays to use those colors and incorporate them into your accessories. First up, think about socks. You can have red socks or you can have teal socks with a purple stripe that almost looks like eggplant or you can have red and blue tones or red and brown that comes out like an eggplant color and those are really good ways to incorporate those colors, make your outfit unique yet flattering.

Washed out colors:

When it comes to colors, you may have heard of the concept of washed out colors. Just think about a washed pair of denim that used to be really dark blue but you have washed it so much that now it is just a faint blue color and it just does not look new anymore and you do not want to wear it. The same concept can be transitioned to humans and your face. The idea is that if you have the wrong colors next to your face, it makes your skin colors look washed out in a negative way.