Pants fit guide part 8

Khaki pants guide for men

Pants fit guide part 8

Tips for great-fitting pants, number 1:

Do not buy “goal” pants. You may have a goal to lose a few pounds, but there is no reason to tie up money in your closet that you cannot, and might not be able to wear. Do not buy these even if they are on sale because chances are they will never fit.

Tips for great-fitting pants, number 2:

Do not be afraid of pleats. They may not be trendy at the moment, but pleats have their uses. Not only are they well suited to more formal attire such as morning wear and double-breasted suits, but this feature is also perfect for any man with muscular thighs or a few pounds on the hips. If you wear your jackets to the proper length as in, not the trendy short jackets that only cover half your seat, then pleats are a good option.

Tips for great-fitting pants, number 3:

Do not be afraid of cuffs or turn-ups. A pair of solid-colored, flat-fronted pants with no cuffs can look rather plain, especially if paired with a simple single-breasted jacket or other solid materials. Cuffs add interest to otherwise simple ensembles and add a point of interest, especially with dark pants.

Tips for great-fitting pants, number 4:

Know your measurements. Knowing your real measurements is always helpful with regards to obtaining great fit. It is also easy to think you are one size when you are in fact another. If you are not a fan of trying on ten pairs of pants in the store, then keep your measurements handy and order online. That way you can try on the pants in the comfort of your home or better at your alterations tailor with a proper mirror so you can see how the pants fit from all sides.