Pants fit guide part 7

Khaki pants guide for men

Pants fit guide part 7

Types of pants, number 3:

Chinos and Corduroys generally sit at around the same spot as dress trousers, directly above your hip bones. Recent trends have seen chinos sold in a low-rise version that has become popular, but if you do wear them to work, I suggest a more classic cut. It will look far better with a shirt tucked in than the low cut styles. Although both cords and chinos can be worn closer to the body than dress pants, the cotton material will clearly show when the trouser is too snug. As far as the break goes, if you are wearing a traditional or conservative cut, it is a good plan to go for a slight break. However, if you do enjoy the look of skinny chinos you can skip the break entirely.

Types of pants, number 4:

Since jeans are the most popular pants on the planet, there is quite a range of styles that can be chosen. They should be worn in a mid- to low-rise, though some men with love for vintage clothes will swear by high rise denim. For larger men, you may find it is more comfortable to wear the jeans at the same height as your dress trousers. When it comes to the fit, jeans, unlike some other pants they should stay relatively consistent down each leg of the trousers. They should ideally taper as they go down the leg, so you do not end up with jeans that hug the hips but are baggy in the calves. When it comes to jeans, no break to a full break is ok, but most men wear them too long, sometimes even stepping on them when walking. Simply have them hemmed to the proper length at the alterations tailor. Also, the slimmer the jeans are, the less break you should have.