Pants fit guide part 5

Khaki pants guide for men

Pants fit guide part 5

Common pants fit issues, number 2:

If you wear pleated pants, you will see more wrinkles than on flat-front pants. If you think you have too much material in the seat area, consult with an alterations tailor.

Common pants fit issues, number 3:

If you can see the wrinkles in under the seat are, chances are the wearer has a very upright posture and the pants were not adjusted properly for him. You may also see that the trousers may cling to the wearer’s legs in the back. It is difficult to fix on existing trousers because the issue is the angle of the seat.

Common pants fit issues, number 4:

The reason for the rope creases is a tightness in the seat seam. It has to be let out and reshaped with a heavy iron. Also, it could be that your suspenders/braces are pulling too much. Make sure to loosen them a little first to see if that fixes the issue.

Common pants fit issues, number 5:

Horseshoe folds occur if the underside of the trousers is cut too close to the wearer’s thigh. You may also see diagonal creases on the inside of your thighs and your pants will probably stick to the calves. You will see this defect on men with an erect posture and strong calves. It is not an easy fix but essentially, you need more length in the front of the trouser, so the back looks normal.

Common pants fit issues, number 6:

If you can see wrinkles under your knees when you sitting chances are your pants will restrict the wearer in the area of the knee when walking. The issue is once again the proper seat angle, and you will definitely have to consult a good alterations tailor.