How to wear jeans with a jacket part 6

How to wear jeans with a jacket part 6

In an attempt to dress up their jeans or to dress down their suit, men tend to simply combine the two but it rarely works and it hardly ever looks advantageous unless you follow a few clear-cut rules, so in this guide you can learn about jeans, blazers and suit jackets, when to wear them and when you should avoid wearing them.

Jackets with jeans, number 1:

The issue of suit jackets with jeans is that it is a clash of formalities. Typically, it is a combination seen worn by middle managers who want to seem approachable yet be a cut above their subordinates. It is definitely a fine line to walk but dressing purposefully and thoughtfully is the key here.

Jackets with jeans, number 2:

There are tons of jackets which are less formal, some of them include a Panama jacket which is more of a summer jacket and a Harrington jacket. You can definitely wear a jacket with jeans but just make sure it is casual enough and not your typical business suit. When it comes to footwear, brown shoes are your friend and make sure it is not too casual but also not too formal.

An idea for an outfit:

You can wear a combination of dark washed jeans and a suit jacket which could be a part of a Prince of Whales suit with a slight brown overcheck. There is a lot of contrast between the jacket and so it works. You can combine it with a cream dress shirt which has no buttons nor French cuffs. You should skip the necktie and instead wear a very casual pocket square. For shoes, you can choose a brown monk strap with silver buckles and pair a belt which is in the same color as shoes.