How to wear jeans with a jacket part 5

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How to wear jeans with a jacket part 5

As everything gets more casual, of course, a lot of men try to wear jeans with anything else they have in their wardrobe, particularly suit separates because that is what they sometimes have to wear to work.

Jacket with jeans Don’ts, number 6: Do not wear a formal dress shirt with a jacket and jeans

That means, double cuffs with cufflinks because that is too formal for regular cotton denim, so a solid white shirt is not appropriate. A light blue might work. Maybe go with a different texture, a different weave that is more open so it breathes better and you are more comfortable during the summer. Striped shirts can work especially if you have bolder stripes, wider or larger scale stripes, or maybe stripes in a different color but at the same time, the whole ensemble has to work together.

Jacket with jeans Don’ts, number 7: Do not wear jeans and a sports coat if you do not know the dress code

If you are not sure about a dress code it always pays to dress one notch up. In that case, it would mean wearing your blazer with a pair of chinos rather than your jeans. Alternatively, if you think that is over-the-top, you can skip the jacket and just go with a casual dress shirt and a pair of slacks, either chinos or jeans, depending on what you think is right for the occasion.

Tweed jacket with jeans:

During the colder months of the year, a tweed jacket works really well with jeans simply because it is more casual by definition. It has a coarser weave, it has warmer earth tones, and so it is a great jacket that is usually single breasted and has notch lapels which makes it again less formal and therefore, perfectly suited for jeans.