How to wear jeans with a jacket part 4

How to wear jeans with a jacket part 4

Today, men’s style is a lot more casual than it used to be 50 or 60 years ago and jeans are probably the number one worn pants by men.

Jacket with jeans Don’ts, number 2: Skip double-breasted jackets

Double-breasted is typically more formal. It has peak lapels and as such, it is even more formal than a single-breasted blazer with patch pockets, so avoid those. However, in recent years, double-breasted jackets have become a lot more popular and if you have something that has a nice linen blend maybe with the Prince of Wales pattern and lighter colors, you can definitely combine them with jeans.

Jacket with jeans Don’ts, number 3: Do not wear a t-shirt with jeans underneath a jacket

It is a clash of formalities. Either you wear just a t-shirt and some jeans and you skip the jacket altogether or you opt for the jacket but you go with a casual dress shirt or a blend of polo shirt and dress shirt.

Jacket with jeans Don’ts, number 4: Do not wear any kind of black shoes

It simply looks out of place because black is fine for formal business suits and office wear but not when you wear it with jeans. Instead go with browns, tan tones, burgundy tones, greens or anything else but not black.

Jacket with jeans Don’ts, number 5: Skip any form of neckwear

Jeans with a jacket are not ideal if you want to wear a tie, a bow tie or maybe an ascot simply because it would be too formal and a clash. So if you choose the combination of jacket and jeans, do not wear your tie and your neckwear. Instead, go with a pocket square or maybe a boutonniere because that creates a visual interest and it just creates a more polished look.