How to wear jeans with a jacket part 2

The Best Fitting Jeans for Every Body Type

How to wear jeans with a jacket part 2

How to wear a jacket and jeans look, number 3: Choose jackets in different colors and shades

In terms of jacket colors, you can go with lighter shades of blue, maybe a royal blue, or even a lighter blue. Overchecks could be in red or an orange because that is a little more casual. In the winter, brown tones are really nice, especially as a Glen check with dark brown and off-white or maybe a herringbone jacket in a medium brown. With all those lighter colors, one pair of dark washed denim really works best because it provides a contrast and it is a classic jeans color. Green is a really good color because it goes really well with dark washed denim. Also, avoid white or off-white jackets because the denim will color off on it and the contrast is too strong.

How to wear a jacket and jeans look, number 4: Wear casual shirts to bridge the gap formalities

Long-sleeve dress shirts are good but ideally, you should avoid the most formal variations in solid white because they are just too businesslike. Instead, maybe you go with an off-white or a green shirt, maybe something with a rougher texture, and skip ironing to create a more casual look. Alternatively, you can also go with button-down collars because they are more casual and check shirts, as well as little houndstooth shirts because they are also more casual than solids. If you want something like a solid, I suggest an oxford fabric with a two-tone, maybe light blue and white because it is durable and more casual. No matter what shirt you choose, always tuck it in because an untucked shirt with a sports coat or a suit jacket simply looks odd and bad.