How to wear jeans with a jacket part 1

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How to wear jeans with a jacket part 1

How to wear a jacket and jeans look, number 1: Pair your sports coat or a blazer with your dressiest jeans

That means no holes and no used look and it is really important that you have enough contrast between your sports coat and your jeans. If you have a dark washed denim with a dark navy blazer, it is not enough contrast and it looks bad because it is similar yet it is not a suit and it is just weird. So in general, a medium dark wash or something slightly lighter is best. It is essential that your jeans do not puddle and are hemmed to the exact right length. In terms of cut, a straight leg or maybe something that slightly tapered works the best. Definitely avoid really baggy cuts and do not cuff or pin roll your jeans because that is simply too casual.

How to wear a jacket and jeans look, number 2: Choose jackets that have different patterns

Branch out and go with jackets that have different colors as well as patterns and materials because that is more contrasting or interesting, but also more casual and it works better with jeans. Good features include notched lapels because peak lapels would be too formal. You can also choose patch pockets because they are more formal than jetted pockets or flat pockets. In terms of patterns, you can go with little houndstooth pattern, maybe a small micro check or a classic Prince of Wales check. When it comes to material compositions, 100% wool is okay but to make it more casual, add cotton and linen blends. Sometimes, wool linen or wool cotton blends or sometimes also a little bit of silk or cashmere for a softer hand and touch.