How to wear brown and blue part 4

Bradley Cooper’s Chocolate Brown Appearance

How to wear brown and blue part 4

Brown and blue must-have clothes, number 10: Brown shoes and boots

Honestly, there are so many shades of brown and you can have dark browns, reddish browns, medium browns, or light pale browns, so you can choose one shade that you like.

Brown and blue must-have clothes, number 11: Brown pocket square

A brown pocket square can really help to tone down an otherwise formal business suit but it also works with summery linen jackets as well as tweed jackets. If you want to look interesting, make sure you have different textures for example, on the one hand, you could get a silk pocket square with blue paisleys and then you could combine it with a more casual pocket square in linen that is very pale brown with a light blue X stitch.

Interesting brown and blue combinations, number 1:

A blue suit with a brown tie and a pocket square that picks up the tones of blue and brown looks really nice. Of course, you can also wear brown shoes with it but the rest of it can really vary. You can add maybe a boutonniere in light blue or not at all. You could add a third color to the outfit if you want to. Of course, instead of a suit, you can wear a pair of white winter flannels, maybe a pair of khakis, but stay away from navy chinos because they may be too close in color, there is not enough contrast and would just look bad. You could also wear gray flannels or medium gray sharkskin pants. Having that blue element in there allows you to do a lot of things.

Interesting brown and blue combinations, number 2:

Blue denim with brown shoe combination is nice. You should never wear denim with black shoes because it is too hard of a contrast between the formal black color and the traditional denim.