How to wear brown and blue part 3

Bradley Cooper’s Chocolate Brown Appearance

How to wear brown and blue part 3

Brown and blue must-have clothes, number 6: Blue socks

Another good blue item to have in your wardrobe is a pair of shadow striped navy and dark blue socks because you can really pair them with any kind of blue or navy pants, they will always look professional, always look good, at the same time, it is not your typical solid navy socks.

Brown and blue must-have clothes, number 7: Brown suit

In terms of the color brown, probably the most underrated item in a man’s wardrobe is a brown suit. Most men do not think they have to invest in a brown suit, but I think every gentleman’s wardrobe should contain a brown suit because it can be dressed down or up. For example, if you go with a charcoal brown suit, it is business appropriate yet it is not as formal as maybe a dark gray suit when you go somewhere after work. If you get a light brown suit, it is the perfect weekend suit or casual suit when you want to look dapper yet be distinctly different from your business wardrobe. Best of all, you can wear the slacks as well as the jacket individually with different combinations so you really get a lot of wear out of a brown suit.

Brown and blue must-have clothes, number 8: Brown tweed jacket

There are so many shades of brown but having at least one tweed jacket is perfect because it is a wonderful fall-winter garment and it is a classic staple.

Brown and blue must-have clothes, number 9: Brown grenadine tie

It is really easy to combine, you can wear it with tweed or with a business suit or with a business casual outfit and it will always look timeless, appropriate, and never out of place.