Pleated pants guide part 5

Pleated pants guide part 5

How to wear Pleated pants, number 6:

If you are cautious about pleats, the easiest way to wear them would be with a jacket, usually as the bottoms of a suit. The jacket minimizes the visibility of the pleats but lets them do their job. They are still a feature but not too obvious, and it looks like you could very well be wearing flat-front trousers if your jacket is buttoned. With a suit, you should go with inward pleats, because of their association with greater formality, and no cuffs.

How to wear Pleated pants, number 7:

If you are bolder and want a stronger emphasis on your pleats, observe what the Neapolitan tailors do. Wear them high-waisted with side adjusters along with an unbuttoned sports coat to carry a sense of summer or to invoke a Mediterranean vibe. Alternatively, you can dress your pants down by wearing them with a shirt alone, either a polo or a dress shirt with the collar unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up. Though it may be difficult to get the man on the street to choose pleated pants, those with a true appreciation of style and an interest in variety know their value. Although pleated pants are especially suitable for specific body types, nearly any man can wear them, it is just a matter of getting ones that fit well and trying them on yourself. Perhaps, if you do not have them yet, you should think about expanding your style.

An idea for an outfit with Pleated pants:

You can wear black Pleated pants with a herringbone pattern brown sports coat. You can also wear a beige dress shirt, a red tie with yellow stripes, and a pinkish boutonniere. Wear black Oxford shoes, and complete a nice and unique outfit.