How to wear brown and blue part 1

Bradley Cooper’s Chocolate Brown Appearance

How to wear brown and blue part 1

Why brown and blue look good together, number 1:

Blue and orange are in the opposite side of the color wheel and that means they are a complementary contrast color, because of that, they naturally work well together and are pleasing to the eye. Brown is a great color because it is a neutral shade and depending on if you get a dark chocolate brown, medium brown, light brown, or maybe a pastel brown, it really works for most men out there. The same is true for blue, if you look at the shade of navy, medium blue, royal blue, or light blue, there is one shade of blue that works for every man.

Why brown and blue look good together, number 2:

If you have dark skin, going with high contrast items such as maybe a navy suit with a white shirt and tan brown shoes go really well together. If you have a medium skin tone, you can avoid the high contrast of black and white as well as the extreme pales of light blue with light gray. Otherwise, you can have a dark blue suit with a light blue shirt and a brown grenadine tie. Another great thing about brown is that it brings down the formality of blue and makes it more casual. In these times where even classic outfits are getting increasingly more casual, brown and blue are your best friends. Brown also increases the versatility of blue so just think about your navy dark business suit that you can wear with a white shirt and your black oxfords but you can also just take the jacket of the suit to pair it with some khakis, some brown suede boots, and a brown knit tie. It has a very different feel and it is suited for different occasions. So that way, with those colors, you get more wear out of your wardrobe and you do not have to invest a lot of money.