The Chelsea boots guide part 5

The Chelsea boots guide part 5

How to wear and combine Chelsea boots, number 2:

Black Chelsea boots go with dark suits. Flat front trousers in combination with a dress shirt and a sports coat in flannel or worsted, or you can wear them with fitted Chino pants matched with a dress shirt and a navy blazer. Brown Chelsea boots go with medium and lighter colors and various fabrics including tweed. Straight leg jeans, with casual or dress shirt or a Polo shirt. You can also replace your regular brown shoes in both your existing outfits. Burgundy is probably the most versatile color, meaning you can wear them with almost anything. Captoe Chelsea boots are a bit more casual than plain ones. These can be worn with jeans and suits, depending on the color. It is best to wear them with a Hacking jacket or a tweed sports coat to complement the wingtips.  This is more of a country look, and this type of boot will stand out from the rest. Short boots are a little different from the regular Chelsea boots in that they are slightly shorter in length coming up to just below the ankle. This is a trendy style, that works best with more fashion-forward outfits. Also, some styles can be a bit bulky, so you can wear this kind of boot. This kind can be teamed with boot cut jeans due to their size, and rugged clothing for an outdoorsy look. Not appropriate for suits or sports jackets.

How to wear and combine Chelsea boots, colors:

Brown suede is great for a country look, but make sure to avoid suede if you live in an area where it rains a lot. Black is preferable for an urban look. Burgundy is a good all-around option. Tan can look stunning, especially with a nicely polished patina, and exotic colors like blue, green, yellow or red can work if you want to make a statement and to stand out.