The Chelsea boots guide part 4

The Chelsea boots guide

The Chelsea boots guide part 4

Chelsea boots buying tips, number 3:

Traditional Chelsea boots have leather soles, and these should be your preferred choice. Some manufacturers offer a choice of soles to suit various needs. Go with leather for a classic look. Uppers should also be made of box calf leather though suede is an acceptable alternative.

Chelsea boots buying tips, number 4:

Most Chelsea boots come in black with a leather lining. While Jodhpur boots are great in brown, Chelsea boots look better in black. If you get these basics first and if you like the style so much, you can get whatever you want.

Chelsea boots buying tips, number 5:

Very important thing is the quality of the elastic fastening. This is the defining character and an integral part of its shape. The quality of the elastic is important for the shape, comfort, and longevity of the boots.

How to wear and combine Chelsea boots, number 1:

Chelsea boots are extremely versatile and can be worn with both formal and casual outfits. Most men will like the fact that they can combine the same pair of boots with jeans or a suit. Their simple and clean lines compliment most outfits. Chelsea boots have been featured in the collections of most leading designers, and you should feel free to experiment with whichever style you are comfortable with. Although chunky, thick-soled Chelsea boots are available, slim soled styles are preferable. Sometimes you can find Chelsea boots that are rather bulky and especially the toe box is very big and round, it makes it more look like a work boot or as a substitute for a cowboy, but if you want a classic style, you should go with a rounded toe box that is flat which makes it more elegant, timeless and refined.