The Chelsea boots guide part 3

The Chelsea boots guide

The Chelsea boots guide part 3

The history of Chelsea boots name, number 3:

It was also during this time when the image-conscious Mods started wearing tailored suits, drove customized scooters, and wore Chelsea boots. It is quite difficult to ascertain exactly why Chelsea boots were considered the height of Mod fashion, but it is thought that apart from well-known rock and roll bands, French and Italian cultural influences combined with the popular American greaser look played a significant role. In the 1970s, the Chelsea boot made what most would consider a most unexpected appearance in the most famous science fiction franchise of all time, Star Wars trilogy. They made an appearance in all three original films. The only change is that they were stained white to fit into the futuristic look.

Chelsea boots today:

The Chelsea boots today are extremely popular because of their simplistic and classic look.  They can be dressed up, down, and then back again very easily. Chelsea boots give a man timeless charm and signals heritage and some would even say old fashion alpha male power.

Chelsea boots buying tips, number 1:

Before spending a decent amount of money on a pair of Chelsea boots, make sure to look at a few important things and tips. The Chelsea boot is a close fitting boot and the flexibility is in the side panel and not in the instep. It is, essential to get the correct size to match your foot. It is best to try them out rather than rely on standard shoe size charts.

Chelsea boots buying tips, number 2:

Some boots fastened with a zipper, rather than the traditional elastic, are sold as Chelsea boots. Strictly speaking, these are not Chelsea boots.  As there are a lot of variations being sold as Chelsea boots, check the characteristics before purchasing.