Rain gear for men guide part 6

Rain gear for men guide

Rain gear for men guide part 6

Rain gear, shoe care for rainy weather, what to do if your shoes are soaked:

The first priority is to dry them out, though gradually and in a way that does not change their original shape. Stuff the inside with crumpled newspaper and turn your shoes on their side to facilitate drying of the soles. Change the newspaper as it absorbs moisture and replaces them with cedar shoe trees when the shoes are mostly dry. Whatever you do, avoid applying strong heat to the shoes. For instance, do not put them on a heating vent, because it will damage them. For water stains on the uppers of the shoe, try vigorous brushing with a horsehair shoe brush along with an appropriate cream or wax polish.

Rain gear, umbrellas:

Though is not something you “wear” in wet weather, I cannot forget to mention the primary accessory you need in the rain. First, when it looks like rain you should carry an umbrella, and make it a good one. All too often, out of laziness or lack of preparation, you will see well-dressed gentlemen walking in the rain without an umbrella. Others may prefer a cheap portable version. However, the true gentlemen appreciate a proper full-length umbrella with a curved wooden handle and a point, one that can double as a walking stick. Portability can be an issue, but the full-length umbrella is meant to be displayed, and the artisanal umbrella makers do sell short ones that still have beautiful handles.

Rain gear, waterproof leather dress gloves:

When it is just above freezing, rain can be particularly cold on your hands. While leather dress gloves keep your hands warm and stylish, they are traditionally not a great option for wet weather. On the one hand, they absorb water and might make your hands feel even colder. On the other hand, you may end up with water stains on your gloves once you let them dry. Because of that, some companies designed a leather that is treated in a special way during the tanning process, thus repelling water, so your hands can be dry and warm even during cold weather and rain.