Rain gear for men guide part 5

Rain gear for men guide

Rain gear for men guide part 5

Rain gear, shoe care for rainy weather number 6:

You can abandon all pretense of elegance and simply wear some sort of rain boot. You then carry your dress shoes in your briefcase or keep a pair at the office to change into. You can buy rain boots that are made in shades of brown, so they kind of pair with the staple menswear colors, like gray and blue, if only in terms of color and not aesthetics. On the other hand, you may be able to track down something less likely to catch the eye. Also, you need to think of these as primarily functional items. They are not as portable as shorter galoshes, but a definite benefit is their height. You can tuck your trousers into them and dance in a muddy puddle with no need to visit the dry cleaners afterward. You will see a ton of them worn everywhere too, with more casual outdoor wear, so they do not look out of place.

Rain gear, shoe care for rainy weather number 7:

When conditions are wet, many swear by shell cordovan shoes, even going to ridiculous extremes to test their response to water. Cordovan is special leather that is made from the flank leather of horses. However, for every testimonial trumpeting their water resistance, there is an equal number of bad stories about cordovan shoes developing persistent water spots after the slightest exposure to rain. The consensus seems to be that the resistance to damage depends on the cordovan and perhaps how it has been treated, so one should not view cordovans as specifically something to wear in the rain, especially considering that cordovan is usually far more costly than calf leather. Taking the usual precautions is the wisest approach.