Rain gear for men guide part 4

Rain gear for men guide part 4

April showers may bring May flowers, but they can also soak your wool suit and destroy your shoes.

Rain gear, shoe care for rainy weather number 4:

When it is raining cats and dogs, you may need sacrifice style points in favor of wearing utilitarian rain shoes or galoshes. The French galoche, which originally meant a wooden last for shaping shoes, later referred to wooden clogs and, more recently, to overshoes made in rubber. For some reason, rubber galoshes or overshoes seem less common these days than a generation or two ago, either because men are becoming more indifferent to protecting already low-quality shoes or because men simply find these shoes, ugly. The fact is, galoshes will never look bad. They add thickness and bulk to your feet, but, at the same time, they are light and portable while providing optimal protection for your shoe investment. You can leave a pair in your briefcase, in the car, or in a drawer at the office.

Rain gear, shoe care for rainy weather number 5:

Galoshes should be thought of as a functional item more than an aesthetic choice if you choose to buy them. Perhaps some men are put off by the cheap black rubber versions that are available in any shoe repair shop. These can be very difficult to slip on and take off and can tear through in one season. You might as well tie plastic shopping bags over your shoes. However, as part of the revival of interest in menswear, some innovative companies have taken the lead and designed better galoshes that are made of a hand-sewn, breathable material that covers your entire shoe. This eliminates the issue of leaving the area of the laces exposed to the elements. However, the range of colors is more limited.