Rain gear for men guide part 3

Rain gear for men guide

Rain gear for men guide part 3

Rain gear, shoe care for rainy weather number 2:

When rain is light or occasional, you can still wear your regular calf leather shoes with a natural oil-based sole treatment. You apply this to the leather soles of your dress shoes and after it dries, it helps prevent water from permeating the shoe through the underside. The fact is that most shoe damage occurs from water wicking its way up through the sole and warping the leather, so, again, preparing ahead of time is the key. If you know rain is in the forecast, as a rule, you would also generally forego wearing suede or nubuck shoes, which are particularly prone to water damage. However, with another shoe treatment which is, in this case, a special spray that can save your shoes from rain, you do not need to. With an application of the spray perhaps every month or so, depending on use, water should run right off of suede. Also, these shoe treatments provide stain and salt resistance in addition to waterproofing.

Rain gear, shoe care for rainy weather number 3:

If you are not into keeping up with treating your shoes, a step up in terms of protection that requires no maintenance is to buy some dress shoes with soles made of Dainite or an equivalent rubber. These are not the same rubber soles that appear on cheap shoes, which wear out quickly and are difficult to repair. Rather, these are durable, impenetrable, and slip-resistant and are used by high-end makers. Anyone who has worn shoes with leather soles knows the experience of slipping on a few droplets of water on a supermarket or office floor. With rubber soles, this annoying and embarrassing occurrence is a thing of the past. Dainite has long been a godsend for dress boots and is becoming more popular with dress shoes as well.