Rain gear for men guide part 2

Rain gear for men guide

Rain gear for men guide part 2

Rain gear, number 3: Casual jacket

Recently, there has been a movement toward some hybridization in the form of wearing casual outerwear, such as a waxed cotton canvas field jacket, over smart casual clothing like a sports coat and tie. If you are strolling in a country garden or visiting a historic house on a rainy weekend, this is a great option. The wax treatment gives these jackets an appealing sheen and the fabric itself is both rugged and natural. Some of the most well-known makers are Private White and Barbour, both British companies. If you do go with casual rainwear, try it first to see if it works with whatever tailoring you want to wear. Something like an Australian oilskin duster would certainly be effective but incongruous.

Rain gear, number 4: Performance fabrics

The technological innovations that have shaped 21st-century society have not passed over the menswear industry. A recent innovation is that wool and cashmere are made windproof and waterproof. They are still breathable but give you a shield from rain and wind. This can be made not only into overcoats but into sports coats that you can wear alone when the weather is wet but that chilly.

Rain gear, shoe care for rainy weather number 1:

If you get caught without an overcoat and do not have an umbrella, a damp suit will usually dry out just fine if you hang it properly and do not expose it to strong heat in the drying process. However, soaked leather shoes are harder to dry, and rain can also irreparably damage shoes, but there is something you can do about that, and a good preparation is a key. Check the weather forecast and choose your approach to footwear accordingly, and like that you can always be prepared for rainy weather.