How to Choose the Right Watch to Wear with Your Suit

Never Ignore These Things While Buying A Watch

A perfect three-piece hundred dollar suit, shiny shoes, belt, branded goggles, and trendy hairstyle – do you think that’s enough for looking perfect?

Well, we believe that it’s not. An important thing is missing, i.e. a watch.

A watch gives a cutting edge on your style – making you feel more classy and stylish. It can do wonders to your looks and make you feel 10 times more handsome – but if carefully chosen.

Make a slight mistake in choosing a watch and your impression will be ruined.

For example, a sports watch on your formal three-piece is never going to look good. No matter how much you try.

So, it’s important to know which watch you should wear with your suit.

For this, you need to know a couple of tips which we are going to mention below:

1. The size of your watch matters

Oversized watches look good from the luxury point of view. However, they’re not a suitable alternative if you’re wearing a suit.
So, make sure that the size of your watch is in proportion to your wrist. It should perfectly fit beneath your suit and shouldn’t look odd.
Ideally, a watch of diameter 40mm is perfect.

2. Know which watch is perfect for a special occasion

The watch material also matters when you’re wearing a suit. It ensures that the watch compliments with your suit and doesn’t look odd.
Now, if you ask which material goes well with a suit – I would suggest an 18K gold case with a black or leather strap. Watches like Ambassador Heritage go perfectly well with suits due to their elegant and classic looks.
Avoid wearing watches with rubber straps. You’re not going to camping.


3. Watch color should be in synchronization with your suit

Unless you want the entire attention of people on your watch, you have to make sure its color is matching with your suit.
·        If you’re wearing a black suit – a watch with a black color strap and a white or black color dial will look perfect
·        Similarly a leather strap watch with look best on a dark grey suit. A black or dark brown strap will be the best
·        If you’re wearing a blue suit, it’s recommended that you should wear a black colored watch. It will look impressive
·        Metal strap watches are perfect for the navy suit. Leather strap watches are also acceptable.
A stainless steel watch with a black face is the most perfect option.
In short

A watch matters as much as a suit, sunglasses, a belt, or any other accessory.

Choose watch carefully and you’ll be one or two step ahead of your peers in the style game. Otherwise, you’ll lose to them.

These tips are not a guarantee of success. Yet they will give you a better insight on how you can improve your style and look more amazing by choosing a right watch. There are plenty. You can pick from our collection.

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