What to wear as a groom part 7

What to wear as a groom

What to wear as a groom part 7

No matter what your budget is, you can look awesome as a groom, if you follow these tips.

What to avoid doing and wearing, as a groom, number 3:

Most of the time, a boutonniere is arranged by the florist who really does not know much about boutonnieres and then you end up wearing a mini bouquet that is pinned onto your lapel and it just looks bad. Instead, have them give you just one flower with a single stem either a carnation or rose or whatever it is that you like. If it is sewn shut, cut it open with a little pocket knife and if you do not want to worry about your flower wilting, you can choose a silk flower that looks like a real one but it is, in fact, something that you can wear to other weddings and events.

What to avoid doing and wearing, as a groom, number 4:

One other thing you should avoid doing is to rent your tuxedo. It is one of the worst things you can do because those tuxedos are very cheap, they can have polyester or nylon and they make you sweat. Instead, you should opt to purchase one and you can even have it custom made today. There are lots of companies that start at $500-$600, that way you get something that fits you. If you are into vintage clothing, you can buy a vintage tuxedo that you can find on the internet. In order to do that, you really need to understand the measurements and it is an own discipline in itself but it is possible. You can look dapper as the groom on a very low budget even under a $100, but that means you need a bigger time investment.