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  • A patterned shirt can make you look more youthful and relaxed.

    Rock those Patterned Suits! 

    Nothing is impossible when you use your cognitive development to the mightiest of creativity. Men came up with the idea of patterned suits and trust me it is the best for 2018. As the day goes by, here we are in winter, October 2018. Let's have a look at the most intriguing men's fashion wear when it comes to patterned suits.

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  • The patterned shirt look can work with or without a tie

    Pattern Guide - 101

    Fashion changes, evolving from era to era. Bringing changes to comfort people. Fashion is as important to a man as it is to a woman. We believe that a man’s attire speaks for itself, the seldom attitude which lies within his dressing sense. First pattern ever to be successfully followed was the British style, then France took over and made their amendments to suits. Well now let's have a look at how fashion is changing this winter.

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  • Sprezzatura And How Men Can Dress With It

    Red - Bloody Suits!

    Red, the color of love. According to psychologists, the color red depicts love. Whereas different shades of red depict feelings or emotions differently. Blood red depicts pain, sorrow, grief and regrets. While the basic red depicts love, that is why roses and valentines are considered as signs of love.

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  • The top 5 colors to choose when wearing a tie

    Tricky Ways to Tie-up Your Tie

    A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life - Oscar Wilde.

    All the seriousness put together, you can also seriously decide to go for a tricky tie. The risk is worth it if the tie goes well with your look because then you’ll be receiving multiple praise for the bold step that you took.

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    Best Ways To Wear Stripes

    Best Summer Look to Wear!

    It is not that hard to dress well for the summers. Summertime is the period where we can try most of the fashion, change and amend fashion according to our needs.

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  • Streetwear Fashion

    Thomas Shelby - Classiness!

    Now let’s have a look at Thomas Shelby and his collection of awesome, classy and eye catching attire. Thomas Shelby is the leader of a gang in the crime series, Peaky Blinders. Peaky Blinder was basically a gang in the early 1980s started by youngsters. Getting back to the point. Lets have a look at Thomas Shelby and his suits.

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  • The Worst Shoe Mistakes Can Men Make

    6 Fashion Mistakes Men Make in their Office Dressing

    Especially the younger generation face such problems on a daily basis. The generation before us didn't have all these trouble as they all knew their dress code and just had to pair a good tie and shirt to wear under their suits. This new trend wave of not having a dress code at work place have made us prone to making many fashion mistakes. But what if we tell you that you can avoid making these mistakes just by following some simple rules and avoiding a couple of things. Here is our small guide for the troubled youngsters in their workplace.

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  • How to wear a flannel shirt part two

    How to Style a Flannel

    There are two very basic misconceptions about flannels that have been around for a long time now. First one is that people often associate it with the hipster clan and second one is that people think flannel and checks is the same thing. These two misconceptions is understandable though if we look through the history of flannels.

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  • How To Style Pleated Trousers

    How to Wear Pleated Trousers

    Starting off with the simple definition of a pleat, a pleat is basically a fold. The little tuck of the fabric is generally a fold which gives few extra inches to the material. In a trouser, pleat is the small tuck located between pocket and fly. This provides men some extra legroom. Pleats do provide men with some extra legroom or breathing space but that doesn't mean it is not well trimmed or sits loosely on waist. With the right tailoring it gives just as clean and tailored look like any other trousers.

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  • Every vehicle that recycles its air, ranked by how much you'd want to be stuck inside
    with smelly passengers.

    1. Commercial airliner
      Despite what most people think, airline passengers aren't all breathing in each other’s coughs and farts for the whole flight: The air is actually drawn in from outside by the engines, then pressurized and circulated throughout the cabin. lt‘s probably much cleaner than your typical office air, too, being completely refreshed about 20 times an hour (compared to 12 for the average office).
    2. Submarine
      Submarines create oxygen from seawater via a $1 million electrolysis machine (not to be confused with the hair-removal process). The water is boiled, the steam condenses into fresh water and an electrical current separates the H2 from the O. All the exhaled CO2, meanwhile, is removed by a "scrubber," which uses soda lime to filter out the carbon. Unfortunately, these smell terrible—like diesel mixed with sulphur-and the stink is inescapable inside a submarine.
    3. Spacecraft
      As well as scrubbers, the International Space Station has a cool device called the Sabatier System, which takes the hydrogen separated during electrolysis and combines it with CO2 to make more water. (There are also charcoal filters that absorb the methane from farts and the ammonia from urine.) While space technology is fancy, the lifestyle ain't: Astronauts say the lSS smells like garbage and body odor. And watch out for mouse poop floating by, as the mice sometimes escape from the many science experiments aboard the station.
    4. Subway train
      Here's a gross fact: 15 percent of the airborne matter in subway-car air is human skin. There are also double the normal levels of airborne fungi—from the rotting wood of railroad ties- plus high levels of metal dust from the wheels and brakes, which are kicked up every time the train comes to a screeching halt at the platform. The air is filtered a little by air conditioning, but all things considered, you're probably better offdodging mousetronaut turds.
    5. Garbage truck
      A Danish study from 2016 found that bacterial and fungal concentrations inside garbage truck cabs were 11.7 and 111 times higher, respectively, than outside the truck. This, they concluded, is because garbage truck drivers don‘t always wash their outer work clothes. Since they often drive several different trucks, these pathogens are then spread throughout the fleet. That flight home doesn't sound so bad now, huh?

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