What to wear as a groom part 4

What to wear as a groom part 4

What to wear as a groom, evening wear options, number 5:

Back in the day, tuxedos were only worn at events after 6 pm or when it was dark. Today, that whole thing has become a little more relaxed but originally, the proper daywear garment was a stroller suit. A stroller suit was the equivalent to the morning coat ensemble, just on a less formal level. Just like a black tie outfit, it is the less formal ensemble compared to a white tie in the evening. A stroller suit is very similar to a morning coat, you simply swap out the morning coat for a black jacket with peak lapels, single-breasted, one-button or two buttons, or you can have a double-breasted as well. It is definitely not the same as a tuxedo jacket because it does not have silk facings and it can be part of let’s say a charcoal suit for example. It is a very dapper ensemble. Basically, you want a black bow tie, you want a tuxedo that is silk faced with shawl collar, you do not want anything that is rented. You want wool because that way, you sweat less and you look better and you feel more comfortable. It really shows in your wedding pictures.

What to wear as a groom, less formal options, number 1:

Even though most people consider a suit to be formal in terms of a wedding day and groom’s attire, it is not formal, and it is a little more on the casual side. The big advantage of going with a suit for your wedding day is that you can reuse it at the office or for other events, so if you do not have black tie events to go to outside of your wedding, that may be a wiser investment. If you go with a suit, you should choose a dark suit either in navy or charcoal. Stay clear from black, because black has more limited uses and charcoal is easier to combine with other items.