What to wear as a groom part 1

What to wear as a groom

What to wear as a groom part 1

What to wear as a groom, traditional options, number 1:

A hundred years ago, there was a morning wear outfit and an evening wear outfit. Both of them were tailcoats, they were long because the wife’s wedding dress had a train and it was long and so the tailcoat matched that. Those long tailcoats were worn with tall top hats because that looked good. A day wedding could take place anytime when the sun was out basically and it was a very classic outfit that men wore in the 1930s, the 1940s and in the 1950s.

What to wear as a groom, traditional options, number 2:

Famous morning coat wearer was Prince Charles who had it for his first wedding and for his second one. In England, it is the standard and even a rural wedding has a morning coat ensemble for the groom. It consists of a black or charcoal morning coat with a peak lapel or notched lapels. Then you have black and white striped trousers which are also called cashmere trousers because there used to be some cashmere in them. You also have a waistcoat which is either single-breasted or double-breasted, usually in a gray that is slightly contrasting or a buff color or you can go with other colors. You have a white shirt, traditionally, it had the detachable collar, and today, it mostly has a soft turndown collar with double cuffs and then you wear either a bow tie in a silver and black pattern which is also called wedding tie or a regular necktie. Traditionally, men would wear an ascot which is hard to find these days because it is not the ascot that you wear casually around your neck, it is one that is tied with a pin and while it looks very formal, it has a vintage look to it.