Ivy style primer part 4

Ivy style primer

Ivy style primer part 4

How to dress up in Ivy style, number 5:

The herringbone jacket is a good way to turn what could otherwise be a more formal jacket, into something casual without a wild pattern. With its country appeal, it became very popular for wear by those who frequented or took part in equestrian events. You could have used this jacket when you wanted to dress up for a date on the town but without looking like you were attending a funeral. With flap pockets and larger buttons to increase its casual tone, it has been and still remains a staple in Ivy style. Today, it works very well with a pair of boots, an oxford cloth button-down shirt, and corduroy pants.


How to dress up in Ivy style, number 6:

The two button cuff jacket became the standard worn by the Ivy League crowd. As if intended to infuriate the older generation, it is still worn today by Ivy Leaguers and is a great way for anyone to turn a formal jacket into a casual one.

How to dress up in Ivy style, number 7:

School sweaters are usually reserved these days for the cheerleading team, but back in the 1950s, men would wear knit sweaters boasting their School’s letter in the center of the sweater. Not necessarily popular today, it was a standard amongst men on game days both on and off campus as a show of support for their school.

An idea for an outfit in Ivy style:

You can wear a gray flannel suit with three cuff buttons that are spaced a little further apart and that underlines a casual character just the same way a two button cuff jacket would. You can pair it with a green dress shirt with white stripes, a blue knit tie, and brown penny loafers. To have a nice contrast, wear striped socks in gray and turquoise.