Ivy style primer part 3

Ivy style primer

Ivy style primer part 3

The difference between Ivy and Prep style, number 2:

When it comes to sports and lifestyle, both Prep and Ivy styles intertwine completely. Polo, tennis, and golf remain favorites and a weekend in Southampton is considered a sublime way to spend the summer. Winters are spent in Palm Beach, and there is nothing better than spending a warm afternoon on a sailboat.

How to dress up in Ivy style, number 1:

With blended styles, the same clothiers occupied both the Preppy style industry and the Ivy style industry. The most popular for Ivy Style was J.Press followed closely by Brooks Brothers, both of which were instrumental in the development of the mingled style we know it as today.

How to dress up in Ivy style, number 2:

Penny loafers became an instant hit amongst the wealthy undergrads at Ivy League Schools in the United States. The ease of slipping them on combined with the formality of leather and suede made it the perfect complement to a formal and yet very casual wardrobe.

How to dress up in Ivy style, number 3:

Chinos are generally made from 100% cotton and despite being worn today by many retail stores and trades workers as uniforms, they also work very well to compliment a blazer or with a sweater and tie. They are especially comfortable to wear in the summer as they breathe nicely, but they also work well due to their sturdier construction when compared to dress slacks.

How to dress up in Ivy style, number 4:

Knit ties are made from silk and wool,  and they are a great way to fit into a more formal business environment while displaying a certain amount of casualness. Their luxurious feel and a nice texture make them a style staple for future corporate raiders, oil barons and media moguls that are still grasping onto their youth.