Ivy style primer part 2

Ivy style primer

Ivy style primer part 2

History of Ivy style, number 3:

Despite the students of the Ivy League schools knowing the style as “Ivy”, the rest of the world simply adopted it as a more formal version of Prep and then the blending of the styles was introduced. It is only the rarest of gentlemen that can pinpoint the differences between the various styles.

 What Ivy style is:

Ivy style is about two things: representing yourself through your wardrobe as a member of one of the most elite universities or colleges in the world and dressing down when the authority figure such as your father would normally dress up. It is actually that simple. Ivy style is slightly more formal, yet still relatively casual. Today the styles are intertwined like vines along an old rusted fence and Ivy style as its own subculture fell from existence in the late 1960s. Today, the only separation between the two is the varying degree of formality, yet even that is too close to distinguish. The only difference comes down to semantics. True Ivy Leaguers would choose penny loafers, Preps would choose boat shoes. A Prep will wear pants and shoes without socks, but Ivy Leaguers will only do so in the heat of summer. A Prep will almost never wear a suit and usually choose a navy blazer instead, but an Ivy Leaguer, while he loves the blazer he will still wear a suit almost half of the time.

The difference between Ivy and Prep style, number 1:

When it comes to Prep style, it is about convenience, comfort, and style. For the Ivy Leaguer, it is about style followed by comfort and then convenience. A Prep would wear the first polo shirt he finds in his closet and the first pants. An Ivy Leaguer will take the time to put it under a cricket sweater and wear linen pants.