Must-haves for fall part 3

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Must-haves for fall part 3

Must-haves for fall, number 5: Suede boots

Boots are ideal for fall because they are lined with leather most of the time and they are not super warm and at the same time, they keep you warmer than a regular pair of oxfords or derby shoes. You can get them with a thicker leather sole and go with lace-ups. Lace-ups are great with a suede shoe such as a chukka boot. You can also get different options such as a desert boot in a sand color. The most versatile one that you can incorporate into your wardrobe is a mid-brown, maybe a chestnut brown and the suede just gives it a softer character. If you can only afford one pair of boots, you should go with something burgundy, because you can combine it with a suit, as well as all kinds of casual garments. If you want to spice up the look of your boots, you can simply go with contrasting colored bootlaces because that way, it looks like an entirely new boot and you just invest a few dollars rather than having to buy an entirely new pair of boots. If you are not into lace-up boots, maybe you can consider a Chelsea boot which is a classic.

Must-haves for fall, number 6: Tweed jacket

The beauty about tweed is that it is comprised of lots of different colors and because of that, it may look like a solid from afar, but there are lots of different colors combined. Because of that, it is very easy for you to wear it with other colored garments and it always looks like it works really well together. If you are just starting out, you should get what a Donegal tweed, which means there are little knobs all over the place in a contrasting color, or maybe with a simple oatmeal colored herringbone tweed because it is a very popular pattern, it is very classic, and you can combine it with lots of things.