How to untie and take off your tie

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How to untie and take off your tie

Most men try to get rid of their tie at the end of the day as quickly as possible. The ones who do not know how to tie a tie, sometimes leave their knot in it, but that is bad and it will shorten its life. On top of that, different collars require different knot and, so you should always re-tie your tie knot every time you wear it.

How to untie and take off your tie, tip number 1:

First, you want to loosen the knot by gently pulling side to side, back and forth. You will see that way, your back end will come out. The wrong way to untie your tie knot is to simply pull out the back end of your tie because it puts a lot of strain on your thread, and your tie is much more likely to rip. If it does not rip today, it will in the future.

How to untie and take off your tie, tip number 2:

The right way to untie a tie is to reverse the process the way you tied it. So, you loosen your knot and you pull out the short end gently but then you want to pull out the long end first, you gently do that with your thumb. Once you got it out, it goes back through here and then, you gently loosen the whole thing with your fingers. Once you are at that point, you can open your top button, and you simply and gently pull out your tie. If you have worn your tie all day, chances are there a few wrinkles but if the tie has a good interlining, you will get the wrinkle out by simply rolling it up. In order to do that, you take your tie, take it in half and then you roll it around your finger.