Must-haves for fall part 2

Outfit Ideas For A Man With A Beard

Must-haves for fall part 2

Fall is one of the best seasons for classic menswear because you can add additional layers in rich subdued earthy colors which look really nice. It is also the start of the season to wear winter accessories such as gloves, lightweight scarves, maybe sweaters, vests, and all those things that you just do not wear during the summer season.

Must-haves for fall, number 3: Knit Ties

They have a really nice texture and today, you can find lots of knit ties on the market. The ones with the thickest texture have the crunch in them, you can hear the crunch when you move it back and forth slightly. Traditionally, they were knitted flat then put on a wooden form and sewn together by hand. Most knit ties you can find on the market are knitted like a sock and they are a lot more flimsy than the texture and the weft of the old school quality knit ties. In terms of color, you should leave behind the pastel colors and rather choose something like bottle green, maybe a purple, or a bronze rust orange. Of course, you can also go with a tobacco brown, maybe a two-tone shade in cognac and dark charcoal or a yellow. Because they have more texture, you can combine them with casual outfits, maybe with a cardigan or a sweater but you can also wear them with tweed coats which are very elegant and stylish and very seasonally appropriate.

Must-haves for fall, number 4: Vest/Waistcoat

The term is used interchangeably and it just adds another layer to your outfit. Usually, it is an odd vest meaning it is a contrasting color and it just helps you to create entirely different looks into your existing wardrobe while keeping the budget very low. With a vest, your outfit will look much better.