Must-haves for fall part 1

Outfit Ideas For A Man With A Beard

Must-haves for fall part 1

Must-haves for fall, number 1: Thin gloves

Most people have lined gloves and while that is fine, the advantage of unlined gloves is that it is very thin and looks very elegant. During the transitioning season, you do not need a cashmere lining or alpaca lining because it would simply be too warm. At the same time, going without gloves is a little bit too cold so can go with unlined gloves, combines the best of both worlds while giving you the chance to add some color to your outfit in an interesting way. You can wear driving gloves with everyday outfits because they are airier so you get a little cooler hand and it is perfect if it is not a too cold fall day but more of the warmer fall days.  If you go with unlined gloves, make sure to add a dash of color that is appropriate for fall, because black gloves simply do not suit the rich brown, green, orange, and whatever fall tones you have in your wardrobe.

Must-haves for fall, number 2: Quilted jacket

It is great, because it keeps you warm, at the same time it is lightweight and if you choose a length that covers your jacket, you could easily wear it on top without looking too formal. Also, you can wear it with casual outfits and you can just put it on when you go to the gas station or get some groceries. It is also lighter than an overcoat and easier to travel with. If you like something that is a little more formal, you should get a trench coat with a removable interlining because that way, you can wear it during the warmer days of fall in the beginning, as well as during the colder ones later on.