Cary Grant’s Idea of Styling

Cary Grant’s Style Tips

Cary Grant’s Idea of Styling

Many of us even cannot think of looking like a legendary English-American actor Cary Grant, how stylish and iconic he was no one can replace him. We still manage to compile some solution to this with a minimum money you can spend. Cary Grant was humble and down to earth person; his dressing was simple and classic. Here is how you can pull off a dress just like a charming Cary Grant.

Fitting is the First Thing

Whether your dress is a branded or a local one, if it doesn’t fit your body and loosen, your wish to look good could never be granted. Make your money worthful.

Quality Over Quantity

Cary Grant learned from his father about the value of a quality, he told Cary Grant that one good pair of shoes is better than buying many cheaper ones. Cary Grant made this statement as a center of his life. He confidently wore his twenty years old suits, and five to ten years old shoes again. Because Cary Grant knew the worth of quality over quantity. So, it is better to buy a little more expensive item than several items on sale that wouldn’t last long.


Cary Grant was born in the lower class family and had seen many downsides of life. So, he always thought that this money could again be lost. Therefore, Cary Grant always advised his well-wishers that if you can only have only a suit, it must be simple and versatile. Cary Grant liked blue color suits with lightweight fabric as it looks good in both day and night and suggested the same.

Not Too Many Accessories

Cary Grant never wore too many accessories. He never wore belts with suits but had its alternative i.e. side tabs. So, he always used belts with casual trousers. This is the way, Cary Grant never looked like overburden with heavy and excessive accessories only but a simple pocket square and a wristwatch. You should, too, learn to wear minimum accessories.


Cardigans are the most flexible clothing item present in a man’s wardrobe. Because of its versatile nature, Cary Grant loved them. Cardigans go well with every other type of clothing. Cardigans can be worn with a pair of denim jeans and with a suit jacket over it. other than its classiness, cardigans give a warming sensation to the person wearing it and are suitable for both spring and autumn. Cardigans are like a shielding mask protecting your underneath clothing items from getting stained when you can’t rush to change it.