Perfect Ways To Pull Off The Blazer Look

Mens Suits and Blazers

Perfect Ways To Pull Off The Blazer Look

Taking the blazer beyond formal settings, here is a complete guide on how to wear the casual blazer. Basically, it’s all about how to have a dress code for casual wears- a dress code that will give you a fashionable, clean and comfortable look.



There are a lot of blazer wrongdoings going around men’s style nowadays, so let’s go over the blazer basic rules.


Don’t Make It A Part Of Your Suit

This is for those who look for detail in everything. Connoisseurs can easily tell if the suit has been separated from the jacket. The jackets are for a formal finish and structure and wearing a casual aesthetic might throw away the entire formal look. Don’t ruin your formal suit with a blazer.


Shorter in Body

The rule of thumb says that the hem of jacket should be around the thumb knuckle. The blazer shouldn’t be long or short enough.


Accommodate Additional Layers

A suit jacket is tailor made to fit just one shirt or a shirt with waistcoat underneath. The blazer, on the other hand should be able to fit multiple layers. In cold weather, you will be grateful for the ability to wear multiple layers including knitwear.


Mix And Match Of Different Colors, Fabrics & Patterns

Don’t be afraid to wear bold and creative designs and colors. The vibrant colors of the blazers look absolutely classic with different prints and patterns like stripes and checks and also choose fabrics from wool, linen to velvet. Make sure that you wear blazers as a statement.


More Than One In Your Wardrobe

Your blazer collection must be on point. You should have a variety of blazers with different colors, fabrics, patterns, styles and brands. It’s not necessary that you must always go for expensive blazers. There are many inexpensive and non-pricey blazers of top quality. Make sure you make the most of the sale season, because that’s the time when you can get the best of almost anything you want.


When to buy?

Summers are the best time when you can stock on the best blazers with bold colors and designs in your arsenal. Go for the daring tones and to be on the safest side anchor your look with neutral tones along with a patterned shirt to complement the look.


Blazers are a type of men’s gear which can sharpen the look of any outfit and can make you look classy. Blazers assert the individual style and personal flair.