How to Get Different Collar Styles for Your Dress Shirt!

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How to Get Different Collar Styles for Your Dress Shirt!

People never find the collar as an important attire of their overall dressing, especially the beginners. Whereas, the collar is the part of the facials, left unnoticed. A collar can act as a frame for your face. The collars come in various style, size, and colors.

Whether you left your jacket button up or not, your collar can be visible in both the cases, and create a great facial appearance to the observers.

The collars are available in different styles, but the most important of them are turndown collars and wing collars.

Turndown Collars

Turndown collars are the main and the common piece of the dressing every man probably own. This collar has a distinctive quality and appearance, but it can adopt certain variations needed for a great appearance.

As the name suggests, turndown collar is turned in a way that it forms a triangle. And the angles of the triangle can be changed according to the different individual possessing different style.

These turndown collars come in two different types.

1.    Point Collar

It is very common among men. The point collar is folded to form the two points of triangle somewhat meeting in one position, hiding the top of the tie, sometimes.

Makes sure the points must not be too long or close to each other, as instead of a face, it causes people to look at the tie. While, a suitable cut can frame your tie, giving a great facial impression to others.

2.    Cutaway Collar

The cutaway or spread collar is the opposite of a point collar. The triangle pointers are away from each other in a spreading manner, making your tie not peeking out from the above.

Cutaway collar is available in different widths according to your body shape. So, if you have a wide body, a wider spread collar can make you look wider than usual. A thin body people can wear this collar as it can balance their body mass.

3. Wing Collars

Wing collar looks best with the tux. This collar doesn’t fold or turn down but forms two small wings forward to your body and are tucked behind a bow tie finely. The wing collar is left for the formal gatherings, so avoid wearing it on a casual and regular meetup.

In the choices of many, these two collars are very popular among men and very in these days, so we thought to discuss these two collars precisely in place of others.