Tips on how to look younger than you are part 4

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Tips on how to look younger than you are part 4

How to look younger, tip number 11:

Go with a trimmer cut jacket. It does not have to be slim fit or skinny fit but you should avoid excessive shoulder pads. Choose a more natural shoulder, maybe go with 3-inch lapels, you do not have to go extreme and go super skinny because that is over the top as well. Just like you have to overhaul your corporate wardrobe, you have to do the same thing with your casual clothes. Now people wear Japanese salvaged denim that they pair with red wing boots and with a flannel shirt, so if you want to look like a younger man, you should follow that.

How to look younger, tip number 12:

Stay clear of the muted pastel colors. Try to go with something that is a little more lively, because that is what younger people would choose. You do not have to go overboard and wear super bright pink, but rather navy, get two shades lighter, maybe go for a richer blue or with linen green. Always try to find a way to add colors back into your wardrobe. If you wear a lot of jackets and sports coats, use pocket squares, maybe if you want to wear a tie, go with a knit tie with more texture or a different color. You can also go with different socks or just exchange your shoelaces and give your whole new outfit a pop of color.

How to look younger, tip number 13:

You should avoid wide cut jeans. You want slim jeans but nothing that is skinny. The sleeves on your jackets or sweaters should be close to your body and flattering.

How to look younger, tip number 14:

Rather than going with an oversized navy blazer, consider going with a Harrington jacket. Rather than wearing an oversized dress shirt, invest in a trim fit denim shirt.