Tips on how to look younger than you are part 3

Suit Up Like James Bond 007!

Tips on how to look younger than you are part 3

How to look younger, tip number 8:

You should take care of your teeth because they are a highly visual indicator of your age. If you have smoked a lot in the past or drank a lot of coffee, or red wine, chances are, you have a yellow tone to your teeth, so consider going in for a teeth whitening. That will certainly impact the way you look.

How to look younger, tip number 9:

To cover your softening jawline, grow a beard. Probably, when you grew up in an office job, you had to be clean-shaven, but today, that is not the case anymore and a beard has really risen in popularity. If you want to cover up your jawline, make sure it is neatly trimmed and has a unique and nice look to it.

How to look younger, tip number 10:

You should stay away from styles, patterns, and cuts, associated with old men. By that, you should not wear orthopedic shoes or white tennis socks with white trainers, because that just puts you in the category of older people. Do not wear sandals or socks with sandals. You should also ditch all your older ties. Today, a lot of younger men wear slimmer ties and especially the patterns and the color schemes are very different and interesting, but also consider that young men today oftentimes do not wear neckwear and so you can also skip it. You can leave the top or the top two buttons open, however, make sure not to unbutton your shirt all the way down to the belly button. Avoid very roomy cut khaki pants. If you like tweed, it is a fantastic garment for fall or winter, but go for louder colors.