Tips on how to look younger than you are part 2

Suit Up Like James Bond 007!

Tips on how to look younger than you are part 2

How to look younger, tip number 5:

Stay up to date especially in terms of technical stuff. That means get rid of your old phone. The battery on older phones can last for a whole week versus the new smartphones that you have to recharge after a day, but all the opportunities you have with new smartphones are incredible. You can control all the lights in your house, you can control your TV from your phone, and even talk to people from all around the world. That aside, being up to date makes you look young.

How to look younger, tip number 6:

The way you are perceived as a whole can hugely depend on your haircut and your hairstyle. If you have not changed your barber, you get the same boring haircut every time, maybe think about spicing it up and going with an undercut with some more product. You will be amazed at what impact it can have on how you look. It is also very important that you keep your eye hair, nose hair, and your ear hair, under control. Nothing will make you older, like ugly hairs poking out from your ears and your nostrils.

How to look younger, tip number 7:

Old titanium glasses that you maybe wore earlier are just outdated. Right now classic frames, bolder frames, are more popular and you should go to the optician and try different options and you do not even have to spend too much money. You can even go to new places online, order frames and get something new for a really low price. It will make you look at least 10 years younger if you choose the right frame. The same story is true for sunglasses.